Meet Elias, a Kuapa cocoa farmer and a Recorder. As a Recorder, he has to make sure that the cocoa he buys for Divine Chocolate is 'the best of the best' as well as pay all the cocoa farmers on time for their quality cocoa.

 In this film, Elias demonstrates the fair way all Recorders in Kuapa work, ensuring the cocoa farmers who produce the cocoa for Divine Chocolate, get a fair deal: 

Elias and his family have also benefitted from being part of Kuapa Kokoo, as he has been able to send his five children to a school which was built with Fairtrade premiums. Two have now gone on to senior secondary school.

If he wasn't part of Kuapa, Elias' children would most likely not be going to school due to lack of money, as he explains:

   'There was one cocoa buying company represented in this village when I came here, but they were cheating us and not paying us on time.' 

Thankfully, Elias and 19 other farmers decided to join Kuapa Kokoo as "we had heard it was a fair and democratic organisation.  Every week farmers contribute their ideas, and every four years important positions are contested and elected.”

Elias has been re-elected twice in the Recorder elections - a great example of a fantastic Recorder for Kuapa Kokoo!