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Why do beer and chocolate go so well together? One reason is that they share two fundamental flavors -- bitter and sweet.  With beer the bitterness comes from hops -- this flower is one of beer's basic ingredients; and the sweetness is derived from natural sugars in the malted cereal, which is another one of the ingredients.  But beer is more than just bitter or sweet.  Spice, vanilla, caramel, fruit, smoke, coffee, nuts, citrus, and floral are amongst the hundreds of flavors that tasting experts have noted in beer. 

Chocolate is a champion at coating the mouth, and beer is very efficient at cleansing the palate at the same time as complementing or contrasting flavors.  Beer is also a refreshing drink, so it makes a good ontrast for the warm melting texture of chocolate.

Beer is incredibly diverse -- there are over 100 styles of beer, so there is plenty of fun to be had testing out which Divine Chocolate goes best with them!

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Chocolate & Beer Pairings